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Tantra ROM Forum Laws and Virtues

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Tantra ROM Forum Laws and Virtues

Post  GM Gabranth on Fri Nov 18, 2011 3:56 pm

Listed Below are Laws and Virtues Everyone Should Observed in Utilizing our Forum Page,
Failure to Obey Shall be Penalized by any Applicable Law.

1.- Racist, Insults, Accusations, and Offensive Words and Phrases Against another User / GM / ADMIN / Moderator / Guest are Strictly Prohibited.

2.- Any form of Spamming, Flooding or Repeatedly Posting of Any Irrelevant Threads / Messages / Words are Strictly Prohibited.

3.- Promoting other Server or Posting Other Private Server's Link in any way or Form are Strictly Prohibited.

4.- Spamming Hack Websites and Link Viruses are Strictly Prohibited.

5.- Irrelevant / Irrational and or Offensive Threads Will be Removed and User shall be penalized by any Applicable Law this Forum Observes.

6.- Impersonating a Staff / Admin / GM / Moderator is Strictly Prohibited.
Please See: TANTRA ROM Official GMs and ADMINS thread under the Announcement Section.


7.- Event Entries Shall all be Compiled under the Participating Thread - All Entries who doesn't belong in the EVENT THREAD will not be Considered as a Valid ENTRY and thus will be VOID.

8.- Winners Shall be Announced Through the Event Thread and As well as In- Game and In-Social Networks.

9.- Event Rewards Shall be Given to the Winners Inventory Automatically After 24 - 48 Hours of Winning. GM's DO NOT ASK FOR PASSWORD or ACCOUNT.

10.- Any form of Tampering / illegal abusive use of other Server's Banner / Logo without the Official Approval of the Rightful Legal Owner's is Strictly Prohibited.

11.- Tantra ROM Official Forum Page Welcomes Enthusiasts to Divulge their Creative Concerns in Helping Us to provide Better Services.

12.- Tantra ROM Admins / Staff is Commited to Serve you our utmost Skills and Capability in Reinforcing our Server's Brand Promise.

Thank you for your Continuous Support,

Happy Gaming!

Should you have any Concerns, Suggestions and Inquiries.
Please feel free to Message me at gm.gabranth01@hotmail.ca or
Utilize our Official Forum Page.

GM Gabranth.

"It's Not about Being the Best, It's about doing Better"
GM Gabranth
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