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Special Event: x10 Reset with 100k Taney for Non-Donators ( second )

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Special Event: x10 Reset with 100k Taney for Non-Donators ( second )

Post  04SH0NEN04 on Fri Jun 29, 2012 7:20 am

500pcs Hard Shell
500pcs Gem Of Curse
500pcs Charm Of Red Hero
500pcs Ancient Sorcery Book
500pcs Sonkukus Headband
500pcs Cursed Mara's Horn
500pcs Dark Red Horn
500pcs Smell Ghost Arm
500pcs Fox Styless Tail
500pcs Old Decoration Oxhorn
500pcs Light Back Shell
500pcs Safehat
500pcs Farming Covenant
500pcs Mining Covenant
500pcs Fan
500pcs Cabinets of Nali
500pcs Helmet of Hwangbyong
500pcs Gun Powder
500pcs Red Rose
500pcs Head Decoration
500pcs Bat Wings
500pcs Poison Stings
500pcs Jawbone
500pcs Hard Fabric
500pcs Skeleton Necklace
500pcs Maras Canine
500pcs Mara's Black Blood
500pcs Canine of Evil Spirits

1 pc Strong Kambu, or Life Kakana of ajaka, or Bravery Karna
1 pc Bangle the Wise
1 pc Earring of the Wise
1 pc Asba Ring
1 pc Emperor’s Amulet
1 pc Decoration from Great Bear
3 pc Raphu Key
3 pcs Dark Crystal
3 pcs (+13) Level Amara 30+ Above Weapon

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