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Game and Forum/FB Group Rules

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Game and Forum/FB Group Rules

Post  Admin on Wed Oct 26, 2011 7:59 pm

Welcome to TantraROM.
Everyone is welcome to join us and play here.

Game & Forum/FB Group Rules:
1- Racist, insults, disrespect, blaming with Game Master and Admin or any of Tantra ROM Staff and bad attitudes will be permanently ban. This applies in-game and forums.
2- Spam /Flaming/Swearing thread or post is not allowed. Don't open unnecessary threads or post you won't get help. Posting unnecessary or flaming threads will be deleted and banned from the group.
3- It is not allowed to sell items and accounts in real currency or trading items in TantraROM to another servers, will result in temporary ban. Account trading is illegal.
4- Accusing Staff member of scam, favoritism, talk about GM'S to give, say, pretend or lie, defaming them or giving a false information, will be permanently banned.
5- Duel bug is illegal and will result in permanently ban.
6- MP leech is illegal, first time penalty will be MP back to 0, second time MP back to 0 and ban for 7 days, and third time permanently ban.
7- Any kind of cheat, bug abuse or using any 3rd Party Software ( Bot, 1 hit hack, speed hack, teleport hack) will result in permanently ban, only key presser is allowed.
*Remember, GM doesn't have to prove any ban cases, all banned characters will be under investigation and will only be banned with real proofs, don't waste your time accusing without proofs.
8- Impersonating GM or ADMIN is ban permanently, don't use nicknames that remember GM or ADMIN nicknames
9- There will be no GM Support in items lost cases during maintenance.
To avoid such case, users are encouraged to always re-log your account, or change map after exchanging items with other players, buy items on item mall or drop.
10- Account hacking is an unethical act and is baneable.

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