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Level Reset Event

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Level Reset Event

Post  GM Raven on Sun Nov 13, 2011 11:27 pm

Players can now avail the level reset for 3 times and get bonus chakra.

1. Character level must be amara100 (100% Experience bar)
2. First reset gets 250 chakra bonus and must have 2B rupiahs in his inventory or cargo
3. Second reset gets 500 chakra bonus and must have 4B rupiahs in his inventory or cargo
4. Third reset gets 750 chakra bonus and must have 6B rupiahs in his inventory or cargo
5. Upon reset level also goes back to level 1.

To avail this event:

Please send the following info in my email: jihrom@gmail.com

character name to be reseted:
chakra distribution:
ex: (if first reset = 250 bonus chakra)
Nerve: 250
(if second reset = 500 bonus chakra
Nerve: 250
Heart: 250

This event is until 30th of December 2011.

Note: Please be informed that using Chakra Reset item or En skillamusti and levamusti will result to loss of chakra that are added from the event and No support will be given. Only chakra reset made from donations have support.
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