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Tantra.ph is back! Join us now!

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Tantra.ph is back! Join us now!

Post  lulzec on Tue Jun 18, 2013 6:48 pm

We invite every one to join Tantra Philippines!
We are glad to announce that after long hard days of work, we've created cool features that never been seen before from other servers!
Here are some of our cool Features:
[Updated Features]
✔ Gangnam Style dance + music!
✔ Iron Man Costume
✔ Added +1 to +15 normal item drops!
✔ Custom Stat for All Titles!
✔ Quest XP Modifier
✔ New Raid Bosses ( 1~2 per map)
✔ Masks (Guy Fawkes mask & more)
✔ OLD Accessories (k3,k4) revamped!
[Server Default Features]
✔ Get Wings (Flying System)
✔ New Model Mounts.
✔ New Model Pets
✔ New Fortune Box system
✔ New Raid Boss never seen before
✔ Skills System completely revamped
✔ New God Skills
✔ New craft system
✔ Mining System completely renovated
✔ Reward quests completely renovated
✔ New consumable
✔ New costumes
✔ Interface changed to a more friendly scheme
✔ Master Point Shop from our web page
✔ Vote for us and get Premium items for free
✔ Referral System
✔ Achievement System

Some In game Footage:



The server is being manage by dedicated personnel that will guarantee assistance.
Follow us at Facebook : Tantra Online Philippines
Beta Sign Up: www.TANTRA.ph

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