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Post  GM Raven on Sun Dec 16, 2012 11:05 am

500 CHAKRA POINTS BOOST EVENT (Subscribe type)

Do you think your chakras are good enough ?

Then Gm Raven offers a 500 chakra boost for each stats like the chart below:

Muscle +500
Nerve +500
Heart +500
Mental +500

Every character must have only 1 (500 chakra boost per stats) so its a maximum of 4 boost per character.

This event is a subscription type so your chakras have expiration dates.

Here's the donation fees.

1 month = 200php/500 chakra boost
2 months = 350 php/500 chakra boost
3 months = 500 php/500 chakra boost

What are you waiting for? avail it and feel the power of CHAKRA BOOST.

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