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December Events

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December Events

Post  CM KentOi on Mon Dec 10, 2012 2:46 pm


For non-donator players you must hunt the following recipes and put the hunt recipes on your cargo,

*Raker 100pcs
*Stone Heart 100pcs
*Blacksmith Coal 100pcs
*Hell Soldier's Head 100pcs
*Pile of disease 100pcs
*Tears Of God 1pc

After you completed the recipe just send a support ticket like this,

Help Topic: support
Subject: Non-Donator raffle event
Message: (username)
(InGame Name)
I completed the recipe

Note: 1 complete recipe = 1 e-raffle ticket and only 1 e-raffle ticket per username.

Five winners will be drawn during the draw date and winners will have to choose 1 of any of the following prizes:

Choice #1 - 2 pcs. Forbidden Accessory
Choice #2- 4 pcs. Forbidden Sun Part of choice
Choice #3- 1 pc. +15 Legendary Weapon of Choice
Choice #4- 1 pc. +15 Tribal Charm of Choice

Draw date is on December 21, 2012.


For a limited time TRIPLE your Taney's when you donate on this dates (December 8-16 , 2012) and TRIPLE the items you can buy with new items that will be added on our item mall this January so hurry.

500 CHAKRA POINTS BOOST EVENT (Subscribe type)

Do you think your chakras are good enough ?

Then Gm Raven offers a 500 chakra boost for each stats like the chart below:

Muscle +500
Nerve +500
Heart +500
Mental +500

Every character must have only 1 (500 chakra boost per stats) so its a maximum of 4 boost per character.

This event is a subscription type so your chakras have expiration dates.

Here's the donation fees.

1 month = 200php/500 chakra boost
2 months = 350 php/500 chakra boost
3 months = 500 php/500 chakra boost

What are you waiting for? avail it and feel the power of CHAKRA BOOST.



This is the Freebies for December donations:

500php = NATI of your choice
1 pc. bozok , 1 bundle empelight

1000php = NATI of your choice
2 pcs. bozok , 3 bundles empelight
1 Ultimate charm
+15 upgrade item of your choice

1500php = 2 pcs. NATI of your choice
3 pcs. bozok, 5 bundles empelight
2 ultimate charm
+15 upgrade item of your choice

2000php = 3 pcs. NATI of your choice
6 pcs. bozok
3 ultimate charm , 10 bundles empelight
+15 upgrade 2 item of your choice

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