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Choosing a God

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Choosing a God

Post  klevesone on Wed Jan 11, 2012 3:11 am

Choosing a God

* Choosing a Master God is essential to progress in the game and this can be
done once the character reaches level 30.
* You can choose from among the three gods: Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu.
* To choose a god, speak with Priest Vananta located in the Temple beside
Mandara Village.
* He will then guide you through rest of the process.

Selecting your First God:

* Players without a major God can always select their God from Vinanta.
* Selecting your first God has no pre-requisite conditions.

* When selecting the Major God for the first time, a detailed explanation about the
battle of the Major Gods and Ashram follows.
* You can only log in to your Ashram when you have selected your major God.

Changing your Major God:

* Go to Priest Vananta "click Choose GOD " the Major God change menu will appear [Shiva,Brahma,Vishnu].
* For those below level 30, you have to donate 100,000 Rupiahs.
* Players above level 30 must donate required Rupiahs from Priest Vananta and 15 Ancient Sorcery books[can be obtain by killing Ghorayogi mobs in shambala dungeon 1].

Conditions on Changing your Major God:

* Players belonging to an Ashram cannot change major Gods. To do this, players
must first leave their Ashram.
* As players change their major God, the skills acquired from their former God no
longer applies. They are instead given the skills of the new God they have selected.

Major God Points:

* Given to players who lost points during the major God battle and when the points
go below 100.
* Requires 10 spirit beads of Ananga and 5,000 Rupiah.
* Enable upgrades of 1,000 major God points.

Please be Guided Accordingly! lol! lol! lol!


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