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[Chakra Pack x10]

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[Chakra Pack x10]

Post  GM Gabranth on Thu May 03, 2012 5:36 am

Chakra Pack x10 is Here! Avail this Package and
Receive an Enormous Total Chakras of
15,000 Chakras Added to your Character.

Chakra Pack 1: +250 chakras
Chakra Pack 2: +500 chakras
Chakra Pack 3: +750 chakras
Chakra Pack 4: +1000 chakras
Chakra Pack 5: +1250 chakras
Chakra Pack 6: +1500 chakras
Chakra Pack 7: + 1750 chakras
Chakra Pack 8: + 2000 chakras

Total of
9,000 chakra points

Chakra Pack 9: +2500 chakras
Chakra Pack 10: +3500 chakras

Total of
15,000 added chakra points

Important Read the Following:

Donations Terms of Services

How to Donate?

How to Donate Using Western Union

How to donate using ML Padala

How to donate using G-CASH

How to Donate using Bank to Bank

How to donate using PAYPAL


Please be inform that the Vidya's and Satya's will have a Maximum Chakra of 15,000 Points Alloted for their HEART chakra. they can Only Reduce their Heart Chakra not as low as 13,000 Points and the rest of Points should be alloted in Muscle or Nerve.

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