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We need GM and other staffs Attention!

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We need GM and other staffs Attention!

Post  klevesone on Wed Dec 28, 2011 10:00 am

To: GM;

Very Happy As we all know TANTRA ROM is just starting up. The server was fine and good , its nice to play. However! Crying or Very sad as what I have observed. Most of the player need GM's attention and guidance.
As far as I know the servers community is getting higher , it increase everytime I play this game.
They suffering much requesting to reset but not enough GM or GA or Staff, too much lagg. GM I'm just concern to my co-player in this server. Furthermore, I really want to play this game fair, but other player using third party tools, such as CE and etc. I know GM can only make this server more peacefully and great! Very Happy .
I'm requesting for you're very accurate actions... But I'm not rushing you to do it as soon as possible.

Is is possible the server lagg will be lessen??? Very Happy

But still I love to play this game.
Hoping for more Event and for Success of this server.
Thank You!

IGN: DevilNexus
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GOD: Vishnu


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