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Post  netfinity on Thu Dec 08, 2011 5:13 am


Find the Mysterious Traveler, Collect the Missing Pieces and Help him find his Way back to his Village. And He Shall Reward you with Any TANTRA ROM Accessory of your Choice.

The Mysterious Traveler is Gathering his Ingredients to craft His Potion Divinely made to Protect his Villagers from the ferocious Mara’s. - However, He was Lost on his way back and loss His items due to the Mara’s Chasing Him. Now He needs Your Help And you Shall be Rewarded.

The Mysterious Traveler will ask you to Lure a certain monster for Him. And He shall give you the List of His Needed Ingredients for you to Loot and Deliver back to him. Upon Presenting the Loots, the Mysterious Traveler will ask you to Deliver a Message to the Sons of the Gods (Son of Vishnu, Son of Shiva, and Son of Brahma) if you answer and Deliver the Messages Correctly. The Sons of the God will Re-direct you to craft an Upgraded weapon + the Loots + the Message + the Answer and Deliver back to the Mysterious Traveler.

The Mysterious Traveler Checklist:

- Find the Mysterious Traveler
- Lure a Monster
- Collect Ingredients (Loot item, Rupiah, Accessory)
- Find the Sons of the God (Son of Vishnu, Son of Brahma and Son of Shiva)
- Answer the Question’s of each God
- Get the 1st Message
- Hunt the MysteriousThief
- Assassinate the MysteriousThief
- Get the 2nd Message
- Recover the Stolen Item from the Thief
- Craft the Item
- Loot an Item in the Chaturanga
- Look for GM Stanley or GM Raven
- Recover the 3rd Message
- Deliver back the Messages to the Mysterious Traveler + the Loot Items + the Crafted item + the Looted item from the Chaturanga + the Answers from the Sons of the GOD.

And the Mysterious Traveler will Reward you (2) Pc TANTRA ROM ACCESSORY of your Choice.

The Mysterious Traveler, the Sons of the GOD, the MysteryThief, will be online 3x a WEEK in a ROUTINE CYCLE according to the Traveler’s Checklist they will be Online at RANDOM TIMES.)

GM if the Mysterious traveler well online is there a signal?or announcement that the event well start?


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Post  GM Gabranth on Sun Jan 01, 2012 6:15 am

Hello netfinity,

The Mysterious Traveler Quest will Officially Be Re-Launch Soon On January Along with it's Scheduled Event Date.

Thank you For your Continuous Support.

Happy Gaming!

Should you have any Concerns, Suggestions and Inquiries. Please feel free to use our Official Forum Page or Send me a Message at: gm.gabranth01@hotmail.ca

GM Gabranth

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GM Gabranth
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