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Post  scumbag on Fri Mar 02, 2012 6:11 am


We thank you for the Undying Support the ILLUMINATI Ashram have provided us these past Days in our Server.

This is A Private Server, at the End of the DAY. It is OUR DECISION who will REIGN supreme and superior to every bits of this Server.

It is NONE of your Business to question on how we Spend the DONATIONS - Donations that our Consumers have WILLINGLY and VOLUNTARILY *DONATED* in our System.

You are not in the Authority to Question US to where the Money is Going, it is Clearly Stated in the Donations Terms and Services http://tantrarom.forumtl.com/t572-donations-terms-of-services. That you are Paying for the Services we offer you and not for the Virtual Items you have Consumed Virtually.

This is a FREE SERVER and amazingly LOWEST Donation Rates compare to Other Server.
but please be REMINDED that RUNNING this SERVER ISN'T FREE.

We also Pay for our Utilities, Maintenance, And other Operating Cost and Functions we have to Subscribe to keep our Operations GOING - Things that are not FREE to your EYES. Things that we NEED to OPERATE the SERVER.

We are Very Unfortunate to Encounter such Timely Infractions and Complications in our Server - However we are all Working very very HARD to fix this Problems and to provide our Loyal Supporters the Quality Service we have Promised.

But these Infractions shouldn't be a Basis and judgements to How our Team Handles Each Complications we are all Experiencing. - Yes! We are Going through a very Rough Time and Situation, But ALL WILL BE WELL SOON! ~


You have the WILL to Stay or Leave - We do not Force you to Endure this Infractions and Be frustrated to the *Same Results* you'd been Experiencing every Time you Log in.

We do not HOLD the KEY to your HAPPINESS and SATISFACTION we will do our BEST, But it's still up to you on how you will Enjoy our Server.

We feel sorry that you felt that our Decision is UNFAIR or that WE Mis Treated you in Any ways Possible. It is not our Intention to make you feel such an awkward reflection on what you are showing us.

I believe that a True Leader should set a Very Good Example to His People. - As a Leader you lead the Way, You Let your People FOLLOW YOU. you do not ASK THEM WHAT TO DO. - you will tell them what *WE* Will do as a Team. As a Leader you do not provoke your Members to Rage their Feelings against SOMEONE, But you will SHOW them how to think outside of the BOX and show that SOMEONE a Benefit of the Doubt that will Benefit not only your EGO but also your CREDIBILITY as PERSON, and as a LEADER.

As Leader, the Actions, The Voice, and every Single ATTITUDE your people PRESENT themselves to the PUBLIC - REFLECTS on how GOOD and EFFECTIVE Leader you are. Every Single Details REPRESENT the way you LEAD them!

Leave if you Will Leave - Stay if you will Stay! IT'S YOUR LOSS NOT MINE!
if a hundred people Leave's our Server today! Tommorow A thousand more people will Come to Play.

(If you do not Understand the Metaphor - Then I highly Recommend you go Discuss this matter to Your English Teacher!).


Please do not Question the DUTIES and RESPONSIBILITIES of the COMMUNITY MANAGERS (CM's).

- Each Day, Each Week and Each Hour, Our CM's are given DIFFERENT TASK, and DUTIES to FINISH and MANAGE all through out.

- Today He might be in kruma, tommorow he will be on Banner Making. The Next day for event distribution and the next next day will be on Forums.

- Our CM's do not have a PERMANENT Duty. unless they are being Appointed at (Due to some Specialty Reasons.)

- You do not have the RIGHTS to INSULT them or to ACCUSED them with any of your WRONG Doings without proper Evidence to Support your Allegations.

- the CM's are just doing their JOB and what ever they think that is BEST and RIGHT for the SERVER.

- I believed that my Team are all MATURED Enough to understand and balance complex things and do instant decision and fair Judgements to the Best development of our Community.

- You do not have the RIGHTS to tell my CM's what to do, you can REQUEST Nicely but you do not have the RIGHTS TO CURSED THEM or to Tell them what you want to HAPPEN. you don't FEED THEM~!!.

(If you do not Understand EVERYTHING I AM SAYING, and you STILL MANAGE TO THINK NEGATIVE. Then you need to see your psychologist.)


We Fully Support you On your Decision on making a New Server, and when we SAY We FULLY Support YOU. ~ Means we are not Gonna be BITTER Talking about it. When we say WE FULLY SUPPORT YOU means we won't post TOPICS to any kinds of Social Media, When we say WE FULLY SUPPORT YOU means we won't have to ASK FOR VOTES to drag your Community down, When we say WE FULLY SUPPORT YOU means we won't have to MAKE STORIES against you, Just to make other people Believe. and Last When we say WE FULLY SUPPORT YOU means we are very Happy that at last you have Chosen to at least have A SENSE Of meaning in this World.


God Bless Tantra ROM!

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Post  balasubas on Sat Mar 03, 2012 2:19 am



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