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Post  GM Gabranth on Tue Nov 29, 2011 4:57 pm


Ti’s the season this Holidays! Enjoy Our Warm Gift by Receiving x2 Taney Equivalent of your Donations. Also, Gearing up to warm up your battle is x15 Master Points at Kruma.


Gather the Ingredients and Obtain your Chakra Resets to Aid you In Battle.

Level 1 Reset: 300 Chakra Points
Level 2 Reset: 600 Chakra Points
Level 3 Reset: 900 Chakra Points


Level 1 Reset:
- 2B Rupiahs
- 200 Pcs Sonkokus Head Band

Level 2 Reset:
- 4B Rupiahs
- 250Pcs Smell Ghost Arms

Level 3 Reset:
- 6B Rupiahs
- 300 Pcs Rotten Zombie Head

All Items and Rupiahs Should be Stashed in the Storage. To those availing the Level 2 - 3 Resets will be required to create more than 2 Characters and Store Each Character the Maximum amount of Rupiahs, which is 2B per Character.

Character Level must A100 with 100% Experience / Pranas Bar.

Max Reset Characters (x8) Resets will not be able to participate in this Event.

To avail this Event: Please send the Following info to: jihrom@gmail.com (GM RAVEN)

User ID:
Character name to be Reseted:
Chakra Distribution:

EX: (Availing 600 Chakras of Level 2 Resets)
MENTAL - 600 Chakra points.

EX: (Availing 900 Chakra Points of Level 3 Resets)
MUSCLE: 300 Chakra Points.
NERVE: 300 Chakra Points.
HEART: 300 Chakra Points.

Please be Notified that this event is the Updated Version of Level Reset Event.

Note: Please be informed that using Chakra Reset item or En skillamusti and levamusti will result to loss of chakra that are added from the event and No support will be given. Only chakra reset made from donations have support.

Memory Maiden’s will once again trade your Ingredients with Goodies that will Surely Gear you up this Holiday Season.

Mandara Memory Maiden:
Reward Gear:
- Random Charm
250 pcs Mara‘s Canine (Mandara Dungeon, Sarpa Raja)
250 pcs Raker ( Mandara Dungeon, Pisaci Caura)

Shambala Memory Maiden:
Reward Item:
- 6 Bundles of Yusul
150 pcs General Sword (Emperors Tomb, Kemcha Tonyo)

Exile (Village of the Outcast) Memory Maiden:
Reward Item:
- Sambadu x10
100 pcs Decoration OxHorn (Exile, Ban Zangkun)
100 pcs Poison Sting (Jina Village, Mangriang)

NOTE: LOOT EVENT will start on December 04, 2011 at 12:00am.


The Mysterious Warrior is Raging his War against the Dreadful Mara’s. He is in need of Young Fine Warriors to fight with him in the Battle to End the Evil on the Realms of Tantra.

The Mysterious Warrior will be needing a Sacrifice to prove the worthy of the Warriors Interesting to participate in the said Brawl.

Warriors who will present the Rightful Sacrifice, Will be able to Join the Brawl Event,
Upon Joining - Warriors will be Teamed UP into 3 members per Group Randomly.’

Teams will then Engaged a 3 vs. 3 Duel on a (2) Round Brawl tournament Per Teams.

Please be informed that you will also be acquired to be a member of an Ashram to be able to participate and utilize the Durga Arena Map.

The Winning Team to Defeat all other Teams will Received the Warriors Package:
(1) Pc Kalatanuvarman Armor of the Sun +15
(+1) Upgrade to any of your Weapon or Armor.
(20pc) BozoK


Find the Mysterious Traveler, Collect the Missing Pieces and Help him find his Way back to his Village. And He Shall Reward you with Any TANTRA ROM Accessory of your Choice.

The Mysterious Traveler is Gathering his Ingredients to craft His Potion Divinely made to Protect his Villagers from the ferocious Mara’s. - However, He was Lost on his way back and loss His items due to the Mara’s Chasing Him. Now He needs Your Help And you Shall be Rewarded.

The Mysterious Traveler will ask you to Lure a certain monster for Him. And He shall give you the List of His Needed Ingredients for you to Loot and Deliver back to him. Upon Presenting the Loots, the Mysterious Traveler will ask you to Deliver a Message to the Sons of the Gods (Son of Vishnu, Son of Shiva, and Son of Brahma) if you answer and Deliver the Messages Correctly. The Sons of the God will Re-direct you to craft an Upgraded weapon + the Loots + the Message + the Answer and Deliver back to the Mysterious Traveler.

The Mysterious Traveler Checklist:

- Find the Mysterious Traveler
- Lure a Monster
- Collect Ingredients (Loot item, Rupiah, Accessory)
- Find the Sons of the God (Son of Vishnu, Son of Brahma and Son of Shiva)
- Answer the Question’s of each God
- Get the 1st Message
- Hunt the MysteriousThief
- Assassinate the MysteriousThief
- Get the 2nd Message
- Recover the Stolen Item from the Thief
- Craft the Item
- Loot an Item in the Chaturanga
- Look for GM Stanley or GM Raven
- Recover the 3rd Message
- Deliver back the Messages to the Mysterious Traveler + the Loot Items + the Crafted item + the Looted item from the Chaturanga + the Answers from the Sons of the GOD.

And the Mysterious Traveler will Reward you (2) Pc TANTRA ROM ACCESSORY of your Choice.

The Mysterious Traveler, the Sons of the GOD, the MysteryThief, will be online 3x a WEEK in a ROUTINE CYCLE according to the Traveler’s Checklist they will be Online at RANDOM TIMES.)


Decorate your Personal Cargo / Storage, make use of items and Form Different Designs and Creative Images. Take a Screenshot and Submit your Entries on the TANTRA ROM OFFICIAL FORUM. Under the DECORATE MY STORAGE EVENT thread.

Only (7) of the Most Creative and Artistic Designs will Received the Limited Edition:
(1) Pc Handok Set of there corresponding Gender.

Thank you for your Continuous Support!

Happy Holidays!

Should you have any Concerns, Suggestions and Inquiries. Please feel free to use our Official Forum Page or Send me a Message at: gm.gabranth01@hotmail.ca

GM Gabranth.

"It's Not about Being the Best, It's about doing Better"
GM Gabranth
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